Color Laser Printer Recommendation

My luck finding affordable, compact, color, laser printer is starting to run out. My current printer is a Samsung C-430W. It has been great bur nearing its end. I am looking for a replacement. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Hello jaybo

"Affordable" means different things to diferent people. If you are concerned about "total-cost-of-ownership", then you might want to consider "ink-tank"-based inkjet printers. Replacement toner cartridges for laser printers can be quite expensive. :thinking:

Could you give more information regarding your criterium "affordable"? :slightly_smiling_face:

My Samsung C-430W was $199. I think $350 would be my top limit. I am currently considering/researching the Xerox C230/DNI Color Printer at $336. But hoping for a better suggestion.

I'm also on a Samsung a.t.m. but I'm considering something like this ( around € 250 ):

B.T.W. : Brother claims "Linux compatibility" for these models so that's a nice touch :slight_smile:

Thanks. One to consider. It is $373 on Amazon.

$ 373 ??
Wow, that is $ 100 more than the manufacturer's suggested retail price which is around $ 295,-
I see that Walmart takes the cake: $ 442,- is way overpriced.

in the shop where I buy my stuff ( , it is € 249,99

Do you think it has anything to do with extreme import-tax ?
In that case you might be better of with locally manufactured products like HP or Xerox.

As far as I know, Samsung gave up its printer business, at least in Germany.

It seems all the prices have had a big increase lately. Just a few months there were a few Brother printers in the low $200s.

Thanks for bringing that up, I didn't know that.

After some googeling It seems that HP has taken over the printerdivision of Samsung.
Quite a shocker actually.

and look at this now:

Samsung printers by HP.
I don't know if I have to be happy with that....It worries me a bit.

I wish I found that with my Amazon searches. I pulled the trigger on the Xerox printer. I probably would have gone with the HP LaserJet Pro M404n instead if my Amazon searches would have revealed. Hopefully the Xerox works out, I will report back.

I'll have to retract an earlier statement:
It is absolutely not sure that you might be better of with locally manufactured products like HP or Xerox.
Can anybody explain why a US product is 50% more expensive in the US than in Europe ?

See this:

I have gone through various laser printers and found that the only ones that work "out of the box" are Brother. They have a downloadable script that is easy to install and works like a breeze. HP has software that has issues with Wayland and Xerox just doesn't cut it.
Hope this helps

My Xerox C230 arrived yesterday. Unpacked, plugged it in and went through a few set up questions on the LCD screen. That was it, no driver or script installation required. Maybe I will come to issues down the road, but so far so good.

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Glad you had a trouble free install. My printers are networked so that may be why the brother printers installed easier than the rest as they install through CUPS direct and do not rely heavily on manufacturer specific drivers.