Colour calibration for monitor, eyesome doesn't seem to run

Is there an GUI app available to adjust gamma, hue etc for a monitor in Ubuntu MATE?

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I haven't found one with a GUI yet, but the commandline equivalent exists

xrandr --output  <videoOutput> --brightness  <value>  --gamma <value>
xrandr --output  <videoOutput> --brightness  <value>  --gamma <red>:<green>:<blue>

for example, this is neutral setting on my computer

xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --brightness 1 --gamma 1

To get the name of your videoOutput, issue the command xrandr without arguments

Seems that we need to build the GUI ourselves. And I really suck at GUIs. :pensive:

EDIT: @mickee Yes, found something!!

sudo apt install gddccontrol
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Even better:

sorry, I can't find any download on that page?

The green button, labeled "code", reveals a "Download Zip" option.

Sorry, how do I use this? Where should I extract it to? I tried just extracting to a folder but the commands state the its not found?

Sorry, How do you use this? Where do I extract to? Is this a CLI application?

Hi, @mickee .

You wrote:

I haven't used the "eyesome" tool that @tkn has mentioned in this topic, but I have noticed that if you scroll down a bit along the "GitHub - WinEunuuchs2Unix/eyesome: Set brightness and gamma for three monitors using sunrise and sunset times from internet" web page that @tkn linked to, you'll find an "Installation" section with the following instructions:

" (...)


1. Download the zip file and extract it using Archive Manager or another tool.

2. Open a terminal and change to the download directory. eg cd ~/eyesome-MASTER

3. Mark the file as executable with the command: sudo chmod a+x

4. Run the install program using: sudo ./ If you don't have the program yad installed you will be prompted to install it. Proceed to install it by entering y or Y. It is needed in order to run eyesome's configuration program.

5. Configure your monitors using: sudo

6. Note after saving configuration for the frist time you are prompted to update Sunrise and Sunset times as they haven't been initialized yet. You are also prompted to start the eyesome dameon because you haven't rebooted your computer yet. Go ahead and accept both these prompts. You should never see them again after the first time configuration.

7. Default sunrise and sunset files called /usr/local/bin/.eyesome-sunrise and /usr/local/bin/.eyesome-sunset are in the download but not installed. After installation you will need to copy these files if you want to manually set the time for eyesome by updating these plain text files. Do this if you don't want the internet knowing which city you are really in when you are using a VPN to hide your ISP's city. The file format is plain text and the defaults are "7:00 am" for sunrise and "9:00 pm" for sunset. Use the command cat /usr/local/bin/.eyesome-sun* to see current sunrise and sunset times. (...)"

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


and it looks like this:


Thanks! @tkn and @ricmarques

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I finally got eyesome installed... What do i use as values if I want the day to be full on bright, bright white and night to be just a shade darker, but still bright? I have no idea what values to use...

Depends, ofcourse, on your monitor.
But for daytime you only have to adjust Daytime Brightness
and for nighttime you only have to adjust Nighttime Brightness
I do not have the slightest idea what values will work for you.

ok, thanks. I will play with it.

so if I set may daytime and nighttime brightness to like 10K then it should always be at 10K, right?

Thanks @tkn I will test gddcontrol

Yes :slight_smile:
(extra line to make this message long enough to get accepted)

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so I've made my settings and they look great during the test for a few seconds. Once set saved and quit it changes the colour setup for a few seconds only and the program is running, I did ps -e|grep eyesome and it shows a process. Does anyone have any other programs I could test with?

Thought I might install the color manager that is in Ubuntu but I get:

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt install gnome-color-manager
[sudo] password for mickee: 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
gnome-color-manager is already the newest version (3.36.0-1build1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
[email protected]:~$ gnome-color-manager
gnome-color-manager: command not found

Is there a different way to launch it?

so I have loaded my preferences. Eyesome looks fine but the tests using "Day or Night" tests seem OK, but even though it's running, it is not using the colours set in the application. When choosing 'Override' it shows new colours but lasts like 2 to 3 seconds before reverting back to the original colour numbers. If the daemon is running why would this be?

Does anyone have any other software I can get to adjust the monitor colours? I've scoured the internet to no avail.

I don't know, I'm not the programmer and I didn't look that thoroughly through the code.

I'm planning to write a brightness/gamma app myself. But it will take some time because , you know, I have to find some time to do it .

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