Compatability issues - 16.04 Xenial vs 17.10 Artful

Hi, I am new to Linux (having come from Mac) and am keen to install Ubuntu Mate on my new HP Pavilion PC (which the store assured me should be compatable with Linux).

All attempts to install version 16.04 of Mate on my new PC have failed, with the screen freezing after selecting the choice to “install Ubuntu Mate”. I took the PC to professional technician, and they diagnosed compatability issues as the cause of the problem. It also seems to be preventing the installation of Mint.

The odd thing is that the newer 17.10 version of Mate apparently DOES work! I would happily install this version if it were not for the fact that it is only supported until July. Can anyone offer any pearls of wisdom as to what might explain this, and more importantly, whether the change that solved my problem is likely to be carried over to the next LTS version?

Any ideas or comments would be gratefully received!

My humble opinion and the best option would be to install Ubuntu Mate 17.10
You will later have the option, through UPDATES to update towards the new upcoming 18.04, which will be the LTS version of Ubuntu Mate !
Kind regards, JP

First, many thanks for taking the time to reply! So I have understood this correctly, is it fair to assume that if it is possible to install 17.10 on my PC, then it should also be capable of managing any updates from that base?

Yes indeed,
there is always an update path for upcoming releases … Is easy and intuitive, is proposed within the updates and you can then choose yourself to update to the newer release or not :wink:

Good day.

You aren’t alone on the compatibility issue. Believe it or not, 16.04 kinda messed up my HP Probook touchpad. It used to be working well and everything then I put 16.04. The left click beneath the touchpad doesn’t work anymore even when I installed 17.10.

Besides, 18.04 is nearing and I believe that one is an LTS release.

TL;DR - Use 17.10 instead. Wait for 18.04 since its going to be an LTS.

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Many thanks, I’ve gone ahead with the installation and love it!!