Compiz configuration

Hello im new to this forum and i want to ask something.
I want to set the burn effect in closing/opening windows but the default effects won't change
I googled but i didn't find anything

im on ubuntu mate 21.10

Welcome to Ubuntu MATE community!

First of all you need to install Compiz with Compiz Config Settings Manager to the system. Open terminal and execute the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install compiz compiz-core compiz-mate compiz-plugins compiz-plugins-default compizconfig-settings-manager

Then select Compiz as window manager:

  1. Open MATE Tweak
  2. Select Windows tab
  3. Under Window manager switch Select window manager to Compiz (Advanced GPU accelerated desktop effects)

To configure effects click Open CCSM to configure Compiz effects. You can follow some tutorial like

Reverting to default settings is possible by visiting MATE Tweak, switching to Windows tab and clicking on Reset Compiz button.

compiz is enabled from mate tweak its already installed,should i click on random effects?

On linked video author sets all animations to random - see by going to AnimationsEffect settings, check Random Animations for all Events.
But you can adjust this as you like.

sorry i didn't watched that part,now i have random effects on closing/opening windows
i wanted the burn effect but this option covers me
Thanks i will stay with that