Compress simply disappeared

Hi guys

I installed p7zip. But discovered afterward that the built-in compress tool (engrampa) simply disappeared from the menu. It also mean that the 'Compress' shortcut (right-click) when looking at documents in the archive doesn't show anymore either.
If reinstalling engrampa from Software the 'Compress' shortcut doesn't reappear. P7Zip still works though.
Just questions which may be useful to others:
How does one achieve the Compress shortcut to reappear in the archive options ?


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Hi, @Watford :slight_smile:

I assume that you are using "Caja" (Ubuntu MATE's native File Manager / File Browser) and that is where the "Compress..." option disappeared from the context menu (the menu that appears when you right click on a file or folder).

My only guess is that, for some strange reason, the "Engrampa" extension got unchecked in Caja when you installed "p7zip".

To verify that, while in "Caja":
1 - Click on the "Edit" menu to expand that menu.
2 - In that Edit menu, click on "Preferences" which is the last option. That should open the "File Management Preferences" window.
3 - In that "File Management Preferences" window, click on the last tab which is "Extensions".
4 - In that "Extensions" tab, scroll down the list of "Available Extensions:" until you find "Engrampa". In my case, as you can see in the following screenshot, the "Engrampa" checkbox is checked, as expected:

I suspect that, in your case, that "Engrampa" checkbox is unchecked. If that's the case, check that "Engrampa" checkbox and then click the "Close" button. Then close Caja. Hopefully, when you open Caja again and right click on a file or folder, the "Compress..."option will appear in the context menu.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: