Computer Slow;Overheating;Intel Speedstep;What to do!



So my laptop was overheating, i saw my performance drop like crazy. CPU always high and temperatures kept climbing. Intel Speed Step kicked in which i could not see from mate, so if anyone can show me, I'm all ears. If its not there consider this an official request :smile:

Initially I thought that since it was old it had no life left, that it gave all it had and turned bad after 10+ years. So i decided to google a bit and i found a topic on cleaning your laptop! Sounds crazy right ?. So i opened it up, and found it to be quite clean. Then just decided to clean out the fan anyway. After removing the fan i took a peak through the blow hole.


After cleaning this out with an air-spray can, i can clearly see the other side ? Its amazing what a little maintenance can do.

Then installed stress from the repo:
$ sudo apt install stress

And ran a stress test with two workers:
$ stress -c 2

All is proper again :innocent:

How to check for malware?

I experienced the same with a laptop several years ago. Framerates would drop into single digits regularly, all caused by dust blocking the fan airflow.


I had some weird problems too, like lsb_release taking 100% of the cpu whilst being a simple command line tool. :grin: