Config file for desktop Icon position (settings)

I'm looking for the "settings file" which set up the icons position ?
On my desktop I have icons / shortcuts / launchingapps icons / folder..., 2 above, 3below aligned,.... on every sessions / login I can find back the exact location for these icons (they are "memorised"). It should exist a file (settings) which set them up back at each login, I'm wondering where I can find it ?
I know caja manage the desktop,... but can't find anything relevant under .cache nor .conf...
I am under Mate 20.04.
Any idea ?

Hi :slight_smile:

I don't know what you want to accomplish, but maybe this will be helpful :

You can read and write some attributes this way :

gio info /home/olek/Desktop/untitled\ folder/

unix::blocks: 8
  owner::user: olek
  owner::user-real: olek
  owner::group: olek
  metadata::caja-icon-position: 610,422
  metadata::caja-icon-position-timestamp: 1610275908
  metadata::icon-scale: 1

Good luck :slight_smile: