Configure "tag list" Pluma plugin

Hi, I recently installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04, and did the updates.

I'm using Pluma 1.20.1 and I want to configure the plugin called "tag list" but when you right-click on "tag list" (in Edit > Preferences > Plugins tab), "Preferences" is greyed out, and does not respond to being clicked.

I do have the tag list plugin enabled.

The version of Pluma that I used with Ubuntu MATE 16.04 had a similar plugin called "snippets", which was configurable via a nice interface.

Hi @liveware, I'm not familiar so I used Pluma's help for "Tag List Plugin". It looks like it uses the side pane and not the preferences in preferences.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bill_MI.

Apparently "tag list" does not do what "snippets" did. Does anyone know where I can get plugins for Pluma 1.20.1, including "snippets"?

Thanks, was looking for something on this subject for quit some time.

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I love the snippets, best thing a text editor could ask for.

Welcome @Curtis_Wegner to the community!

Not sure if it is same but on my 22.04 Pluma 1.26.0 there is a plugin called Snippets.

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