Confusion about 17.04

Is the 17.04 version available at “Download” a final stable version or some kind of alpha or beta?
I tried it on my Thinkpad W530, multiple problems … had to bail out of it …
I don’t see a 17 generation Ubuntu anywhere, not Ubuntu (Unity) Gnome, Kubuntu etc. for all others. Latest the all offer today March 19, 2017, is 16.10.
Am I misunderstanding something?

Is this what your looking for?

Thank you for your reply … no, I am not looking for it. I am saying that when you go to the Ubuntu MATE web site, then “Download” page, you see three versions, last and seemingly latest of them being 17.04.
This downloads the 17.04 zesty version. It does not say Alpha or Beta etc.
My question is: is this a final, stable release or something else?
I installed it on my Thinkpad, the installer did not detect the ethernet interface, X froze as soon as it booted.

The official release of 17.04 is next month and this release will be supported for 9 months. If you want a release with long term support you need to download 16.04 LTS; its supported for three years.

Older Thinkpads have their quirks, have a look here…

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Thank you, that explains it.

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Is there a list of what is different or new between 16 and 17?

The alpha 2 announcement has a “what’s changed” section.

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