Conky Manager stopped working with Mate 20.10

Conky Manager seems to have stopped working. I've just given it a try with Ubuntu Mate 20.10. I get all kinds of syntax errors using any of the pre-defined templates (Gotham, LSD, etc). My research leads me to believe that this is an issue with Ubuntu 20.10 and its spins.
Has anyone got a solution to this?

Hi and welcome to the Ubuntu MATE Community.
Have you tried this:

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Hi, thank you for your reply. I did see that :slight_smile: but all it really says is that there's a bug. The solution (convert.lua, iirc) changes the files so that 1) Conky Manager no longer sees them; and 2) gives really terrible formatting when run via the command line (conky -c path_to_my_conkyrc)