Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

Hi team!

I’m trying to connect several bluetooth devices with Raspberry PI to use them as speakers.

However, the system only detects the first device that connects as a sound card, the rest keep the bluetooth synchronization active, but it does not interpret them as audio cards even though it is indicated by blueman-manager.

Is there anything I can do to keep all devices synchronized and supported as audio cards?

I’ve disabled the internal bluetooth by modifying the file [/boot/config.txt] adding the line dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt, then I used a bluetooth USB capable of connecting with multiple devices like the ASUS BT400. After pairing and connecting to the speakers, I launch the command pacmd list sinks and pactl list cards to see the configuration but I discover that Pulseaudio has only emulated the first device bluez.XX.XX.XX.XX ... .

I suppose the problem exists in the Bluez and PulseAudio modules. Can somebody help me?