Connect to Windows Samba server from Ubuntu MATE

Could someone show me what the fields here should look like, when accessing a Windows share
Server: IP/computer name? if IP is it smb://xxxxxxxxx
Port: do I just leave alone?
Type: Windows share?
/ What goes here, the name of the actual folder you wish to connect
to, say, “Music”, or??? Do you leave forward slash?

I can see Mate from Win box, no issue, but the other way Mate is asking for a Win password, and there is not one, do i need to create one is that just how it works?


HI @smartnoise,

can you use the following? (I don’t do it myself!):,%20Simple%20and%20Brief%20Way!

Normally you just connect via the locationsmb://hostnameOrIP/sharename .
Just entering smb://hostnameOrIP as location should list all available shares on that machine.

If the share is a public one you should be able to select “Connect anonymously” in the login popup and not have to enter a username+password from the Windows machine.
If that does not work, maybe just enter your username from the Windows machine and leave the password field empty, if there is none set (not sure if that works, though).

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“Connect anonymously” is not offered, is there a way to make it appear?

I do not think this is supported in window 7/8/10 workgroups method of sharing . Try the old fashioned way .

Do I have to create a password on Windows? Mate seems to want one, even though there is not one set on Win7

Have you chose to share it with everyone ?

In other contexts I’ve seen that recent changes to SAMBA in respect of security have stopped one using shares without providing a password, not matter what is set on the share provider.
I suggest searching for this change, and looking to see what version of SAMBA has been affected.

What happens if you start Caja and enter smb://ip-adres/sharename in the location-bar (just click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pencil in front).

You should get a pop-up which asks for a username and password. You should be able to leave them empty when the rights on the windows-share are correct.

Another thing you can try is to open up a Terminal and type the following command, needless to say that you should replace ipadres with the actual ip-address of your windows machine and sharename with the name of the windowsshare :wink:

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/ntserver
sudo mount -t cifs //ipadres/sharename -o username=,password= /mnt/ntserver

The windows share should then be accessible with:

cd /mnt/ntserver
ls -la

This by no means is a solution, I am just curious what happens.

Sorry all, and thanks, I will try all suggestions and report back

Well, tried but still getting a password request on Linux when none set on Windows, win sharing is set up correctly, available to everyone…

thanks for all the tops, I’ll plug on!!