Connect with ethernet and wifi?

I have a desktop compter that can connect with ethernet or wifi. I did not notice this until I had a problem. I kept getting messages that my router was not accessing the internet, but checking with a ping to, I could see it was connected. CHecking my router, i saw that sometimes it was connected on ethernet, sometimes on wifi, and occasionaly, both. I managed to kill the wifi connection in preferences, but I got to wondering...

Woud it be possible to connect to two different rout (MATE)ers, one wired, and one wireless?
I'm running Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS (MATE)

Hi Larry ,

Yes , no problem. I regularly do that.

In my case (laptop I use for work running Ubuntu-MATE 22.04 LTS) I have the WiFi connected to internet (DHCP) and the wired interface to a equipment rack (static IP). No special settings needed. I can use my browser to reach both of them and the routing is automagically taken care of. :smiling_face:

Now if you are in a situation that you have both interfaces connected to the internet and start a browser, it also should work automagically though I've never tested it.

If you want to have much more control over the routing i.e. force a client application to use a certain network card or something like that, you can use this:

You might even want to try this:


UM and Linux in general can be connected to multiple routers and/or switches simultaneously via multiple network interfaces. These interfaces can be configured to use TCP/IP. That is not a problem. The problem is to make sense out of that.

For example:

  • network interfaces are members of a fault-tolerant bond, i.e. virtual interface which can utilize its members all at once or in active-backup mode;
  • computer in question is used as a software router.

Thanks. Looks complicated, and I think I may have found a better alternative.

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