Connected to WiFi but does not have internet access

Hello everyone, I’m new using ubuntu mate when I install it on my pc, try to connect to the wireless network, then when It did it, i try to get into my browser, but it said there was no internet, then I probe to connecting using ethernet and i have internet access, but when i try with the wireless does not give me internet access

I’m using a DELL inspiron 1300, the wireless card works fine under others OS

PD: sorry for my english

Have you configured it properly? Take a look a those settings again and then try again.

If it keeps on ping your router like this:


then press ctrl+c to stop it. Tell us about packets that were transmitted.

If you don’t know the router address just type the following:

route -n

On the column gateway lies the address.

Then ping google and tell us about the output:


and again pres ctrl+c to stop it.

Please provide the output of the following command in a terminal:

lshw -C network

You can open a terminal using CTRL+ALT+T

Thanks for your help, the solution was more simply, my router was configured with US timezone, i’m from venezuela, and when i was installing ubuntu mate obviously i selected caracas-venezuela, so i just reconfigure the timezone of my router.