Connecting our Ubuntu MATE forum account to Microsoft and GitHub account

I find it a little funny that we have the option to connect to Yahoo, but not Microsoft.

Discourse (this forum software) supports single sign on (SSO) out of the box with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, GitHub and Twitter.

Although, GitHub doesn't appear under "Associated Accounts" in the user settings for some reason. :confused: In theory, if both your GitHub account and community account use the same e-mail address, it should log you in.

Patreon is also available through a plug-in.

But Microsoft accounts..... Discourse doesn't natively have options for them. There is a plug-in that's designed for Office 365 accounts.

I have used this plug-in in the past for an internal Discourse.

If we were to assume the plug-in supports regular Microsoft accounts (on the surface, possibly not), we should have a greater demand for this platform. Adding plug-ins presents a risk that something could go wrong in future. There's nothing against Microsoft, it's just Yahoo and the others have SSO options out of the box.

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that at all.