Connecting to a windows only gps logger

This may be a hard one, and it’s low priority.
I’m using a locosys GW52 gps logger. It will only communicate with computer via a windows utility.
I can run this utility with wine, but it can’t find the gps. So at the moment I have to boot in and out of windows to get my data.

If the connection fails the utility come up with an error message which includes the phrase “Check if the device is in GWLink mode”
If the connection is made it says, “Device in MTN mode”
So any ideas, is it possible to support whatever this mode is with Ubuntu?

Thanks IvCHo, lots of stuff there, and one almost made it, but unfortunately it’s for the previous models, the GT11 and GT31. My main trouble is not so much a GPS one but a connection to the GPS.
What I need is some way to connect via MTN mode.(whatever that is)