Connection failure possibly related to protonvpn


Am running UM 20.04.3 64-bit on a somewhat old system76 wild dog pro (i5-6600, 16 GB memory, nvidia 730). A few days ago I installed protonvpn successfully and things went well until today. When I booted the machine, I could establish no network connections - vpn or otherwise. So I did the following.

  • determined that it was a software problem by booting from a UM 20.04 install cd and making my normal direct network connections
  • booted back from disk
  • completely removed protonvpn and all related components that I could find using synaptic. (I am assuming that this is the problem because it is the only recent change to the system.)
  • restarted and still was unable to make network connections
  • submitted a ticket to the proton folks to request help

I guess that I could try doing a repair/reinstall of UM from the cd, but before I do that I thought that I should seek ideas here from people with more networking expertise than I. Perhaps I can restore networking without a full reinstall.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm glad to be able to answer my own question. Perhaps others can benefit.

The protonvpn support team responded quickly, and based on their guidance, I found an errant connection. Using the network manager cli (nmcli), I deleted it, and internet connectivity was restored.

A happy ending.