Connection issues with HP envy 4500

Hi all,
Had an issue with an Epson printer a while back, well it kicked the bucket so I purchased a HP envy 4500 and it WAS working great! (was printing no problem). Now for some reason it fails to connect. It is a wireless printer and I believe I have it set up correctly, but just not sure what the connection issue is at this point. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Oh running Mate 14.04…


take a look here, try removing the printer from the printer hardware list and then re-install it using a USB cable first!:

thanks wolfman! will give this a try! I did dig a little into the forum but must have missed this

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I have this very same printer,best printer/scanner I ever had,connecting to wifi is a breeze,you don’t even need to run a setup,enter password right from the printer screen. ubuntu finds the printer in a second and install it with printing/scanning wireless :slight_smile: