Considering my new Linux laptop. Is it's battery great enough?

Dear dear,

My current MacBook Pro is dying on it’s battery, and I want to go back to Linux.
I noticed the brand “tuxedocomputers”. I think this is an ok laptop to buy, but I question it’s battery while I add more hardware options.

Topic Question is: Will I get more or less get the same battery life cycle as my current MacBook Pro 10.1?
The battery is a “Large 4 cell lithium ion battery, 66Wh.”
Model is the “TUXEDO Book XC1708”.
these are all chosen options:

3.064,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

  • Ultra-HD IPS non-glare || Intel Core i7-8750H || NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB ( +270,00 EUR)
  • 32 GB (2x 16GB) 2666Mhz Samsung ( +310,00 EUR)
  • 1024 GB Samsung 970 PRO (M.2 NVMe) ( +470,00 EUR)
  • 1024 GB Samsung 970 PRO (M.2 NVMe) ( +470,00 EUR)
  • without mass-storage ( -60,00 EUR)
  • ENGLISH US ISO (EN-US international ISO) with backlit
  • Intel Dual AC 8265 & Bluetooth (M.2 2230)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64Bit ( +0,00 EUR)
  • without Windows
  • 24 months / 2 years warranty[/code]

Anyone can shine a light on the battery here? Thnx!

Here’s an article (it does not match cpu exactly but maybe it will give you some insight).
At the end, there is a battery section claiming 4h 37min.

Thanks pavlos_kairis! The specs are not really comparable I think though.
But I just send notebookreview an email asking if they would review this laptop. They might bite, we will see :slight_smile:

Seems to be same as this Entroware which I have. Very similar configuration, but with an HDD too.

Just unplugged power supply, and it indicates 1:04 hours. But that’s with 1060 enabled, HDD in use, display at 100% and 2 external monitors on. With all those off, I think it is in the 3:00 hr range. But I didn’t buy it as a laptop per se - more as an occasionally portable device with built in battery to handle frequent power interruptions.

Entroware will probably give you more info if you contact them. I’ve found them very helpful, but pre- and post-sales. They tend to be a little slow answering pre-sales questions compared with post-sales support ones. But that’s a better way round than much of their competition.

Finally be aware that 1060 GPU in a Clevo laptop will be noisy (fan noise), with some noise at all times, even idle. The Hybris with 1050 is much quieter in normal/business use if you don’t need the gaming performance (or the extra 3rd Storage slot).

I am aware of Entroware. However, they do not send to the Netherlands.

Seeing you saying the config in my initial post is not so dB silent I have to ask: Is there any Linux pre-installed laptop with an 17 inch 4K matte display that anyone knows which actually is quite silent and has good battery life when ~above options are enabled?

I still did not make my choice for a new laptop. I have to choose between an
“TUXEDO Book XC1708”
or an
“BTO X•BOOK 17CL875”

If there would be anyone who has tried any of these two, then please share your experience. :hugs: