Control users access to EVERYTHING which can be designed and built by a GUI

I want to be able to get/build a portable/downloadable user profile that restricts everything and to toggle what is allowed or disallowed both H/W and software.

I want a user profile that restricts everything except running a specific application and to get a printout. I also want to block internet/ethernet access for the user while using one usb port for printing.

Therefore I think there is a need for a GUI to toggle parameters or drag and drop allowed applications going forward. This profile can then be saved to the cloud and downloaded to the required systems. Instead of everybody have to learn individually how to lock down everything themselves and to propagate the profile instead of physical doing it on all machines.

This will be of great benefit to all and create avenues to use of Linux on the desktop in the workplace and in education.

You seem to be describing a kiosk application. The Ubuntu website has tutorials on that sort of configuration. Ubuntu core and snaps are involved if I remember correctly.

The idea of picking and choosing what type of kiosk to build through a simplified GUI app is interesting. It would definitely make it easier if done right. Perhaps a "Kiosk starter" that pulls the basics together without having to look at the basic plumbing and bring your own app.


Thanks for the reply.
I looked at the kiosk system but does not do what I want. It also uses X11 and snap which I am not a big fan.
I want have a ordinary desktop environment and a user selects an account for the application.
Other users will have a "full" system but need a password to log in.
The restricted account will be password less and launch a specific app. I have this working already but the user should not be able to bring up a terminal or browser(also done).
I also want for the systems to sleep every night after 20:00 and wake at 08:00 the next morning(can be done). I have another script that pulls down the security updates and install at this time(done) but I want flexibility whilst also saving all these parameters to the cloud so it can be propagated to another machine by just downloading and install on the specific restricted user account.

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