Converting .CHK files to .JPG

Hello there

I have a folder (FOUND.000) containing nearly 200 photo files and another (FOUND.001) with a further 40 files. All a consequence of trying to recover a damaged HDD. All the files are on a usb stick.

The photos open fine in GIMP (and in Atril) but I can’t seem to convert the files (.CHK) to photos (.JPG).

I have tried to export them but it won’t work.

Has anyone come across this and offer any possible solutions?

Many thanks in advance..


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In GIMP. Try creating a new page File->New

It should be the same size and dpi as the original. Copy the original with Edit->Copy or Edit->Copy Visible. Then go to the new page and paste. See if you can export the new page as jpg.


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Amazing - that worked a treat. Much appreciated and I have made a donation to the Community.

Thanks so much


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