Cool PowerPC Setup

What would be a cool PowerPC setup?
I would not mind getting a Power PC.

PowerPCs running Ubuntu MATE will mainly be the older Apple Macintosh computers (pre-2006), like the iMac G3, G4, G5, iBook and PowerBook series.

So… are you saying old Apple computers are cool? :wink:

I like a lot of technology. G4’s and G5’s are some I missed out on. I do like Mac Intosh. PPC is something I would like to try.

Be prepared to do some repair work.

Thanks, I will have to keep that in mind.
I want a PPC Amiga, but they cost too much.

I wonder how many here are using PPC. Did Macs max out at Dual G5 quad core?

Yes, Quad core (2x2core CPUs) was top end G5 powemac.

If you want something not water-cooled, a dual 2.3 GHz (2x1core CPUs) is your best bet.

Put an X800XT or X850XT in it and some SSD SATA drive and you’re set.

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Oh - and seeing the performance on G4 (except for 1.5Ghz +), you should get such a G5, if you want to work with Mate on it

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I think is pretty cool to be running a 2017 O/S on a 2005 G5 (dual core 2.3Ghz/16Gb RAM & SSD) - performance is surprisingly good (for every day tasks) - Only issue was having to use the original nVidia 6600 card instead of my FX4500..


I agree - Running a 2017 OS on a 2005-PowerMac is pretty awesome!

I have my G5 hooked up in my living room as a multimedia machine. I first ran Debain Jessie 8 on it with KDE, then switched to Ubuntu MATE. It runs way more efficient than the OS X which was installed when I bought it. Sucks that we probably won't see any future distros for PowerPC. Guess that SUSE or BSD might continue to support the architecture.

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