Copy speed abysmal

Hey there,

I am approaching one year of using Mate as my main system, but I had a disappointing experience recently trying to copy a large number of files from one internal drive to another which forced me to go back to W10. (I am dual booting)

I had to copy 100 GB+ from the main HD of my Lenovo T410 to the second which sits in the bay which usually holds the DVD drive. With caja copy speed fell quickly below or close to 3 MB/s.

The same operation with W10 and its file manager gave me consistently 30 MB/s or more.

Why is that? What can I do about it?

It would be a shame if I had to rely on W10 to do backups.

Any advice?

You haven’t said what kind of partitions the files are on. Linux support for NTFS is not as good as Windows support for NTFS, on accounta their trying to keep NTFS internals a secret. If you are moving files from a linux filesystem like ext4 to an NTFS partition that might explain some of it.

Thanks! I will test. Indeed, that was not an ext partition.