Copying desktop links to ubuntu

new to ubuntu mate-windows 10 update & techs said computer is dying so need a new one-have numerous links on desktop- how do I copy them (or can I ?) to Mate?. Right now it's not installed yet. U buntu said no operating system was detected????.

Hello gene1


  • If you install Ubuntu-Mate, or any other Linux distribution, on to a computer that currently runs Windows you will erase ALL of your files and programs that were on the Windows system.

  • Your files. Back up your files (at least 2 backups, in case something goes wrong with the first one) from the Windows computer to an external storage medium before you begin.

  • Programs. On a Linux computer you will generally be using different programs to accomplish the same tasks. Most of the programs for Linux computers can be installed free of cost.

File locations:
You should know that Windows and Linux (e.g. Ubuntu-Mate) operating systems have different systems for allocating a file's place on the storage device of the computer i.e. your computer's hard drive or ssd.
One example of the consequences of this difference is that you can re-name an open file on Ubuntu-Mate, but not on Windows (many times I have had to re-start Windows 7 and 10 {which I use at work} simply to re-name a file!).

Desktop links:
From the explanation above, it follows that links to file locations on Windows and Ubuntu-Mate are technically different things.

You might want to consider the following "work-around" (save the location of each of your documents):

  1. On your Windows computer open a "Word" or other new document.

  2. Click once on each desktop-link in turn and use a right-mouse-click to open the "properties" section of the popup-window. In the popup find the entry "location".

  3. Click once in the location-path and press Ctrl + A , followed by Ctrl + C

  4. Switch to your "Word" document and on a new line press Crtl + V Do this for each of your desktop-links.

  5. Save your "Word" document into a Windows folder that will be part of your backups.

  6. When you have installed Ubuntu-Mate, use this list of your links to go to the location of each of the files and use a right-mouse-click and select "Make Link". Transfer the link you have just made to the folder "Desktop". The link will now appear on your Ubuntu-Mate desktop.

If you are a casual computer user, with no particular interest in computers other than that you need one to "get things done", I suggest you ask a friend for help with your proposed move from Windows to Linux. It is hard to give advice on all the details you should be considering on a "Forum".
I hope you are sucessful. :slightly_smiling_face: