Corrupted Display on Late 2005 G5[Nvidia 6600 Model/DualCore G5 not DualCPU]

i got from my friend last week his unused G5 (PowerMac G5 Late 2005 DualCore Model @ 2GHZ, Nvidia 6600 GPU) i formatted it clean after backing up and uploading his data to him. (WAS NOT FUN leaving my connection unusable for half a day to upload nearly 70GB.)

i want to Dualboot this G5 w/ Leopard & MATE but when starting up w/ "live video=ofonly nouveau.modeset=0" i get a Corrupted Display and upon trying to shut down or reboot it hangs at a black screen.

any idea to solve this? kinda Worried id get this on the G4 as well which i was going to flat out Replace OSX w/ Mate on it

Ooops forget to mention using the latest LTS Release 16.04

Hi @CaelThunderwing,

I’m not sure about PPC but you could boot inot recovery mode and run “dpkg” per the update guide (a network cable connection is required!):

See also:


That’s not corruption, that’s just the result of the kernel command line parameters you are using.

what would u best need to put in on the G5 at the yaboot CLI.

You would easily find this by just reading the PowerPC documentation:


with that instead of nouveau.modeset=0 i dont get ANY Display.

Then you need to work through this

You can also try: “nouveau.noaccel=1” instead of “nouveau.modeset=0” this should get you at least a useable Desktop (even if it´s not 2D-accelerated by the Card)