CPU heat and fan noise

I do not like it when the fan on my laptop, HP Spectre 360, is going full speed. It is noisy. It is probably because the CPU is to warm. I found a snap, https://snapcraft.io/auto-cpufreq. This snap, " Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux", fix the problem it seems like.

Why is there not a small GUI program in Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 that do this already? Or is it?

Thanks for a perfect distro :slight_smile:


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A few ideas why:

  • Such utilities can easily be installed already and are geared towards power users.
  • Might not work with every computer.
  • Some people don't care about noise/battery and just want the best performance out of their computer.
  • Had some problems with auto-cpufreq when trying it. Don't remember which ones though. Went back to tlp.
  • Utilities that fiddle with fan speeds can damage your hardware. I had fans of two different sorts on a fan hub. Good fans (Noctua IPPC-3000 PWM, in 120MM and 140MM variants). When using fancontrol , restarting my computer instead of turning it off would literally burn a 140MM fan. Were I not at home when it happened, it might have burnt everything.