Create a Run command file

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my first question here on MATE Forum.

I have installed Scythebill (as I am a birder) on MATE. Now to run it, I have to type the following in the terminal each time:


What I would like to do, is create an executable/run file I can just double click to run the program. Is this possible or not? Below is the return I get from terminal when the run command is entered:

Jun 23, 2016 9:52:07 AM startLoadingReportSet
INFO: Initiating load of /home/simon/List-simon.bsxm
Jun 23, 2016 9:52:07 AM$1 run
INFO: Completed load of /home/simon/List-simon.bsxm

Thanks for any advise and info.

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Right click on your desktop, click "create launcher", name it like you want and use:


as the command field.


If you’d also like the software to be in your applications menu you could make a .desktop entry for it on your system.

Here is an article that covers the creation of basic .desktop entry:

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Very simple! Many thanks.

Oh yes, very good, I like it!