Creating a ISO of my system

Hello everyone I was wondering how and what is the best application to create a ISO file of my current system to have as a backup. I’m looking for something simple and not to complex

The only one I’ve tried so far was Clonezilla and not really like it

Thanks so much

Try this native Ubuntu backup tool. >>

Hi Rick will this tool allow me to create a ISO backup?
Thanks so much

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Not an iso, only simple back and restore function, similar to windows backup. Maybe this site will be closer to what you are looking for: Make Your Very Own Customized Linux Distro From Your Current Installation

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Robgoss This is the tool he’s using. >>

Afaik Deja-Dup supports only folders, not a whole backup of the partition or drive.

I guess I’ll stick with clonzilla but much thanks

@Robgoss Clonzilla is good… I’ve tried it. At the moment I’m working with the Debian Live Team at and bug tracking for Debian Testing (Buster). This topic is of unique interest to me as I’m working on a Debian Blend of Testing/Openbox with all the developmental tools needed to create personal system .iso images. Have a great day, folks.

An ISO is not a compressed file format you backup your files to. An ISO is a file that you flash to a CD/DVD/USB and boot your PC from. You can backup your system using a service like Dropbox.

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I do not know whether this works but perhaps you could copy each byte on your disk to a backup disk using dd. If you want to have your old system easy clone the backup disk.

Mickey :blush:

Robgoss, please see my reply to your older post - Installing Systemback

Shortly after I posted that answer, I downloaded and used Systemback to create a complete .iso of my MATE 18.04 installation on my old D830 laptop. I tested the .iso and sure enough it performed as expected in a reinstallation. See - Using Systemback for details for using this utility.

I’m also a fan of Clonezilla if that matters. Good luck Rob.


Mdooley, Thanks for the help

I thought Systemback was not being developed any more and I was not to sure how to install it

You are entirely welcome Robgoss.

If you run into any problems, be sure to post back. The developer doesn’t appear to be still involved but others can take what he’s done and nudge it along which looks like what happened.

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You can take a look at Pinguy Builder