Creating a symbolic link to Samba share

Is there a way to create a symbolic link to a samba share. I have the share set up (I can see it in Caja under Network) and it’s working fine - but I would like to have a folder link in my home folder!

Hi @MusicalCoder,

try taking a look at the following as I don’t know how myself:


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, none of these documents help me out! I’ll keep researching, but thanks for the heads up!

I guess the better question is, how do I find the current ‘link’ that would be in Caja (archive on omv)?

Since symlinks are after all merely small files containing a filespec, if you get the filespec of the samba device you can then create a symlink that references it. It’s hardlinks that are restricted to one filesystem, symlinks can point wherever. If i’m mistaken on this the link you create will show as “broken” in Caja, but i don’t think i am; i just can’t say for sure since i own no Windows systems and have no samba volumes.