Custom Installers for Cursors, Icons, and Emerald Themes



In this thread you can find my ongoing customisation projects (most of which I made on or for the MATE desktop envionment). Uploaded these projects to GitHub for ease of maintenance and accessibility.

The installation process is accomplished by cding as admin into where the archive was extracted and typing these three commands (git needs to be installed first):

$ ./ $ make $ sudo make install



emerald themes:

There are a few things I have not been able to figure out myself, and would be interested in any help with the following:

  1. Why are my folder-icon-color .svg icons not scaling correctly over 150% in caja icon view in 17.10(1) (currently they appear about 50% smaller compared to other icons at higher zoom ratios)
  2. How to make these packages uninstall using sudo make uninstall
  3. How to install the fonts included with the emerald themes in the /usr/share/fonts/truetype directory along with the emerald themes installation


Thanks for posting this.
I wanted to try your Emerald themes but I’m not sure I did that right.
After sudo make install the themes don’t show up in Preferences.


If you did the commands

$ ./ $ make $ sudo make install

one by one, they should show up in the directory /usr/share/emerald/themes
Have you typed them correctly and in the right directory?


Have you typed them correctly and in the right directory?


they should show up in the directory /usr/share/emerald/themes

They do, but they’re not picked up by the appearance settings.


Emerald themes aren’t available via the normal mate appearance settings. They can be selected in the emerald theme manager. If you don’t see them in emerald theme manager, try setting the permissions of the theme folders to read and write.

Edit: I pushed an update I tested on my system first and added more to the, not sure if it helps.


Just wanted to add a brief reply to say these are amazing. Great work!


Thanks. Just made a significantly large update to the emerald themes and updated the icons for brisk menu support in newer builds.

Updated thread for icon pack preview.


  • Updated 10/04/17
    • Added Sci-World: Reavers Edition by Razorsedge icon theme
    • Changed Ubuntu MATE and Nvidia-Settings icon for all icon packs
    • Changed "unknown.png" mimetype pngs to custom icons, including a two-in-one icon for some icon packs

Sound Preferences Icon Missing for Sound Applet

I am sorry for the noob question here. I am trying to follow those directions,but I am a little confused on which directory this should be done from. I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I am new to all of this. You seem to have done an awesome job with these customizations. Just want to say great job!


I have figured this out now. nevermind then.