Custom panel clock text colour

Hi all, after upgrading to 16.10 a few weeks ago and lost a lot of my theme settings as another post refers to. I have been trying to search for how to change the panel clock font colour to white. There are tips here (Panel Clock Colours) but they do not work under 16.10 and the new gtk3.

Anyone figured out how to change this for gtk3? (the tips are for gtk2 and simply changing the filename doesn’t work :slight_smile:)


For GTK+ 3, you can create the file .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css for theme CSS overrides. I tried adding the line

my-panel-clock { background: red; }

based on the instructions you linked to, but I doesn’t seem to change anything, even after logging out and loggin back in. You’ll have to find the right node or class name to be able to style it.

I tried using the GTK Inspector, which is really helpful tool that’s part of GTK 3

GTK_DEBUG=interactive mate-panel --replace

but it only lets me look at the panel itself, not the panel applets like the clock. I’m out of ideas I’m afraid :-/

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Hi andyp6

As we have all found out, gtk3 themes are still a work in progress. So I don’t have a good answer, but a thought.

The most stable (gtk3) theme I have found is GreenLaguna, I have mainly used this theme for several months. So make a copy of it and place that copy in your Home folder under /.themes. Change the name so not to get confused with the original. This will allow you to use your theme gui to switch to it. From there you can change the css files (color settings) without hosing the original theme. GreenLaguna has many color settings and I have not investigate it, so up to you to play with it.

System icons can also be customized with the same method by placing a copy (change the name) in /.icons to edit.

You can also change the panel layout with Mate-Tweak. If you already have a custom panel, be sure to make a copy (Save Panel Layout) of it first.

Themes are located in /usr/share/themes and icons in /usr/share/icons. Do not use “sudo” when making a copy to your home directory.

I have been trying to change the top panel text colour in GreenLaguna for some time now - playing with the css codes. Not yet successful. When you click on the panel text it turns from Black to White - I’m trying to have it White all the time. Any help on what css code to change would be much appreciated.

I wish too to change the panel clock text color. After some web search, I didn't succeed. Any news about this topic? How to do?

I didn't find a simple way of doing it, i changed themes instead.

Any news? I still wish to change color of text clock

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I put here the soluce:

We can change the clock color by creating a file saved to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css with the below code:

#clock-applet-button:hover {
color: white;
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