Customize Colors Missing



I noticed that in 16.10 under appearance/customize the “colors” tab is no longer.
Why? This was a very handy option.

MATE Desktop 1.16 is a go for Yakkety!

It’s missing in the GTK3 toolkit. Ubuntu MATE 16.10 uses GTK3 instead of GTK2 for the MATE desktop.


I see, thanks for the answer.
It’s too bad, changing the colors of the windows interior made a difference.


Yes, the way it was done in GTK+2 simply doesn’t function in GTK+3 anymore. So we had to disable the Colors tab in GTK+3 build. If somebody comes up with a way to change colors for GTK+3 build, we’d appreciate a pull request.

For reference - upstream bug report on that:

Customize theme

@monsta thanks, good of you to post.