Cut & paste is dead in WhatsApp Web on Firefox

If I use the web WhatsApp on Firefox I cannot paste any text into any message anymore. It is kind of weird since I can still cut&paste to/from any other applications. I even tried connecting on web WhatsApp using Brave and there I can indeed cut&paste no issues.

Is it a FF problem that came with the last update ?
I know some would tell me... just use Brave then
Others will tell me unsnap and go for the good old deb FF

I can do both, but thought I'd ask if others got that same issue.



Hi, don't use WhatsApp and no snaps or flatpaks, just my preference. (Firefox deb from their site)
Just a thought, snap as far as I know should be capable to roll back in case of issue with upgrade. Possibly roll back to see if update is cause as sounds like it was working for you. I do not know how to initiate a roll back. Just a thought.

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A lot of web pages prohibit c/p. Are you sure this is not a WhatsApp restriction?

No, cause it works with Web WhatsApp with another browser (Brave)

Some more observation
webwhatsapp on FF do accept text cut&paste in the message window when connecting to WApp.... but it stops being possible after a little while.


I think it is probably something up with firefox.

Hi, @Watford :slight_smile:

By some web searches that I've done, it seems to me that copy / cut & paste problem when using "WhatsApp Web" - - in the "Mozilla Firefox" web browser is a recent bug / issue with both components ("WhatsApp Web" and "Mozilla Firefox").

See, for instance, the following question & answers / discussion in the "Super User" (SU) web site:

In that discussion, the following bug / issue is mentioned:

... which has several comments written by "Egrodo (Noah Yamamoto) · GitHub" ("Senior Frontend Engineer @WhatsApp") and by "denschub (Dennis Schubert) · GitHub" ("firefox web compatibility at @mozilla.")

The most relevant comment seems to be the following last comment by "denschub" posted yesterday (22nd August 2023):

" (...) we don't need additional reports about this, and WhatsApp is rolling out a fix as stated multiple time. This isn't related to any specific Firefox version or Firefox update. It'll start working again once you've received the WhatsApp update. Please don't file another reports about paste-issues on WhatsApp - be patient until they have fully rolled out the patch. (...)"

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Wow ! Sure helps. Helps understand I'm not alone :slight_smile:
Thanks for the searches !