Dark theme for visually impaired and others

Hi, I've been using Mate since Gnome 2 disappeared and I love this classic and well structured look. But every time I upgrade it's a struggle to tweak it so I can read anything. The theme Dark Mate is useless, it has no contrast (semidark grey background and light grey text) and while I try out different combinations I always get white backgrounds in between which makes it impossible to read anything,it's like having spotlights right in my eyes.
I know today this issue is getting attention and in Android you get dark mode as an option in Instagram, Firefox, Youtube and others. So why couldn't Mate have a really dark option? Pitch black background with yellow/white text!

I could do with this as a theme but it really should be optional during installation, I can never see what I do, I just hope I don't have to make any choices that later can't be undone, been lucky so far :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:

Im advising you to test this config combination of extra themes :



I know it is not a solution for you isse, but a small advise for dark mode lovers as me :slight_smile:

Thank you! I couldn't find Icy Dark in themes so where and how to inställ it?

Hi @buskamor :slight_smile:

Icy Dark :

Arc Light :

Arc Dark :

Thanks so much for your trouble but I found this theme googling a bit and It is sadly not dark enough for me. I have one "Dark Cold" that's pitch black although the font color is light blue which is a bit annoying but OK.
I still wish the developers would have had this issue in mind.

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