Dark Theme problem on VirtualBox

hi guys i upgraded from 18 to 20 and i've been trying to use a dark theme from the default ones. anyway some apps like virtualbox the background is white and the text also is white cant read anything.

thanks in advance

Is it a whiter shade of pale on a white or pale background?

Can't understand what you mean, but in virtualbox box it's background is white, and the text is pale.

Any updates guys, still having the same problem

There is an upstream issue filed with VirtualBox on this, feel free to comment on their report tracker.

lah7 has further details and a work-around here.

Good luck @devilzeyez

There is some temporary-rescue solution mentioned on one site from frankmcb.

Open a terminal and paste:

VirtualBox -style Fusion %U

On my computer not only dark theme is the problem. I have problems with every theme.