Dark Theme readability

Is the forum's dark theme unreadable for everyone? I get some parts with light text and background. The navigation menu aren't good too. Could you fix it?
My best compliments.

Yes, hence it’s experimental label. It was started but hasn’t been finished, I’ll get back to work on it. :construction:

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Oooh. Me want. I can assist with this.

Should be a lot better and usable now, after taking out “overrides” from the light theme and trying to be as default-as-possible.

If you spot any niggles, please do note them here! Thanks :slight_smile:

Dark theme notification panel highlight is kind of ugly with the olive green colour.

That strange olive colour is no more! :art:

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Ugly strikes again! Inline emoji menu, hover over anything.

Thanks, unwanted olive colour struck down again. :paintbrush: