Data. video file conversion

I have security footage I need to pass onto police however it is in an obscure file type data. which does not work outside of the app. The app does not let me send the footage anywhere or pause it to get a still shot to share. I am really frustrated because online converters don't work with the data. file type (they generate something which is sped up and truncated) and all of the other converters work with Windows. Is there anything I can use with Ubuntu?

I have tried VLC but had not success - I possibly don't have the right settings to play it at the proper pace and the conversion to MP4 appears to start but does not finish.

What is the file type?

DATA. I think it may be related to a DAT. file. I think some converters are treating it as one which results in a truncated video (missing several crucial seconds at the beginning) and also an accelerated video.

I wonder if it's a weird H.264 format. Our CCTV box at home uses a proprietary/weird H.264 format that I struggled to find anything that could read it. Fortunately, after recovering the admin password we could login to web interface to change an option and export as AVI. If your CCTV provides a similar setting, it may be worth changing the format for the future.

Presumably DATA is from the output of file?

file /path/to/video.dat

What is the extension?

  • If you are able to run the app (under Wine if it's Windows only) then you could use a screen capture tool to record the playback.

  • Or try a video conversion tool like Handbrake to convert the file, but I would suspect it won't recognise the file format too.

There is a tool called mediainfo that can tell you what container/codec is used:

mediainfo /path/to/file.mp4