Dead Monitor, electronics knowledge needed

A few days ago, my second monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 943NW, died to a power fluctuation. The led light blinks continuously as if disconnected and there’s no image. My dual-monitor setup still recognizes it as active however.

Is there a chance this is fixable? Some capacitor that needs to be replaced or somesuch? I don’t want to have to buy a new monitor. Not on this country and especially not on this economy.

Have you tried it on a different gfx port or on a different PC?

I had something like this at the end of last year, turned out the gfx card had put the monitor into some sort of permanent sleep mode or it could have been the gfx port, not sure which, but after trying it on the other gfx port it kicked into action, very weird! Also test with known working cables.

Might not be the monitor… Good Luck!

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For a moment there… :slight_smile:
But no. Swapped the main and secondary monitors ports and then also tried it on my laptop. Nothing. It’s definitely the monitor.

OK sorry to hear that, best to be 100% sure before you go deeper and or start spending money unnecessarily.

I hate to just drop a google suggestion on you but it is better than spending money on stuff that is not needed.

Google this - SyncMaster 943NW troubleshooting It should get you several links that will enable you to diagnose your monitor problem. One link is

2nd Edit:

Good luck marfig.

I lost a Samsung monitor recently - Syncmaster 2032BW - took 2-3mins for backlight to kick in when booting or waking from sleep

I did a check on ebay to see if there were backlight spares available, but all I found was same model of monitor as with prices ranging from £10-£20.
Checked your monitor model and can get a like-for-like replacement for £20-£30

Your monitor may be fixable, but lack of parts listings on ebay suggests that finding replacement parts may be very difficult, unless it is some generic component. I would always prefer to repair something rather than throw it away, but if nobody else considers it economically viable to scavenge parts, didn’t seem like good use of my time.

I got a 24" Acer monitor for >£100. Was good enough to use as single monitor. secondary 4:3 monitor is now spare (considering a raspberry pi/nas project). Lots more desk space, much lower temperatures and screen looks so much better. I am hoping that modern LED backlighting may make it possible to keep this new screen for even longer