Deconfigured locales for libc6 - Help!

So, I was trying to install firefox 81 on Ubuntu MATE 20.04. When I was trying to, it was saying libc6 needed 2.32 but I had 2.31 installed. So I decided to look up where 2.32 was an attempt to install the .deb package. I found it and tried to install it but it said something along the lines of that it wouldn't allow reconfiguration for locales libc6 2.31. I thought it would fix installing with sudo dpkg -i --auto-deconfigure libc6_2.32-0ubuntu3_armhf.deb and I think I screwed up.

Now these are broken and when I try to reinstall them, it wants to remove all these critical packages:

What can I do? I'm not sure if this is a thing that can be fixed. I can't update, upgrade, remove, or reinstall anything.

I used the following: sudo apt-get install Libc6-i386; not sure this will help, but I am sure someone can. Could try to install via the terminal? sudo apt-get install libc6.

That's what I tried to do, but with the same result as what I put in the pastebin.

But, I did fix my problem, no more errors occur. I grabbed the .deb package containing libc6 2.31 and installed that. Everything works fine now.