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I am currently testing Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and it seems very stable but I am having a little problem with it and need your advice.
Ubuntu Mate comes with Pluma as the default text editor and I do not like it so I removed it and I installed Gedit,my problem is that I cannot set Gedit to be the default app for text. I cannot double click on a text file and have it automatically opened by Gedit even thou I have in many occasions selected it as the default app by perfoming the Right click Open with other application and Remember it. is there anything wrong with caja? I do not recall right now if Pluma can do it,because that is one of the first thing I do right after installing Ubuntu Mate.
Thank you folks.

If you want to set programs to be the global default. Go into Control Center > Set Default Program. There you can choose from a dropdown list of all installed text editors and choose gedit to be the default.

I’ll try out the right click option, it could be a bug!

I have Gedit already selected as my default app for text in the Control Center/Preffered Applications/SystemText Editor/Gedit and STILL does not works
The Right Click Option does not work either
The only solution I have found is to go to the text file and Right Click/Properties/Permissions/Execute and un-check the Allow executing files as a program that tells me that Caja has a problem.

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem right. I’ll have a look tonight and see if I can reproduce this.


are you trying to open files without root permission?.

gksudo caja

enter your password and then try opening the files you want to view!.

Hope it helps. :smiley:

nope, absolutely not
i am just trying to open files that i got per say in a flash drive and they will display the error:

but i just found out that if i create the file in my computer it will open with my default app Gedit with no problems
so,problem SOLVED :smile:
sorry guys,for days i was scratching my head,how dumb could i get, hehehehe

@kuvanito The screenshot you have posted is not an error. You can go to System -> Preferences -> File Management and select the option to view executable text files when they are opened under the Behaviour tab. Doing so will open the text files in your default text editor even if they have execute permissions :smiley:

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dang it!!!
THANK YOU in capitals :slight_smile: