Default web browser (mate-default-applications-properties)

Preferred Applications>Internet>Web Browser shows an empty box, but the drop-down menu only displays Microsoft Edge as an option.
I definitely have Chrome and Firefox installed, but they are not shown in the drop-down menu. I would like to select Chrome as the default browser.
~/.config/mimeapps.list has text/html=google-chrome.desktop.

22.04.4 LTS

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Welcome @BOPOHOK to the community!

I use Waterfox and have the same issue. If I set Waterfox as default by the browser in the browser itself, it will show up under preferred applications, but soon disappear again. Still Waterfox stays the default browser. Not sure there is a fix as this happens on all my Operating systems, Ubuntu, Mint and Sparky, all Mate desktops. It may be a Mate problem though.

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Out of curiosity I had to check. Using 22.04, I see Firefox and Chrome as my only choices. Firefox is default as desired.