Delete unneeded docs and empty folders

I would like to clean unneeded folders under /usr/share/doc/.

I assume that it is safe to delete the tor folder since I no longer have the program.

Is is also safe to delete empty folders?


To my knowledge, /usr/share/doc is a directory which is rarely used by programs themselves; it's for users to look in for documentation. I have a slim Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and an ultra slim Linux From Scratch here which both lack the /usr/share/doc directory. So I believe that yes, you can delete empty directories and the tor directory if you desire.

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So, how did you get a system without the /usr/share/doc directory?

Also, to rid yourself of unwanted garbage on your PC, install Bleachbit to get rid of it !.. :grinning:

sudo apt install bleachbit

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I deleted the directory. Bam. :grin: OK, not the perfect solution, but it works.

That whole directory is only 68 Mb on my system.

Too risky to delete the whole thing.