Delete windows and install Ubuntu MATE

Iam running Windows 10 in HP Pavillion ab223cl intel i5 5thgen, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD.

Now i want to install Ubuntu MATE by removing windows10 ,

but i need custom partition i.e. i can't use erase disk and install option.

Then how i can install ubuntu alone in my system?????

Can you post a picture from your phone where you are getting stuck so we can understand the problem better?

In installation procedure it display option like

boot alongside windows
Erase disk and install
And something else

Mention that I need a custom partition in ubuntu and also I want to remove windows 10 completely from my disk.

Show that the only option I have is to choose something else option.

If I click that it will shows all the partition otherOS installed.

Here only I got stuck . what can I do delete the windows10 and install Ubuntu MATE with my custom partition.

I have another doubt the most misunderstood or debatable concept in Linux about allocating swap space. I have 8GB RAM what can I give.

Are you saying you cannot choose erase disk and install?

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Yes!! I need my custom partition.

The "Something else..." option is the way to go. Use this to delete the Windows partitions and ignore the partition you wish to keep.

In the "free space", create two partitions:

  • EFI System Partition that's about 500 MB.
  • Ext4 journaling file system partition with the mount point / using the remaining space.

Then click "Install Now".

A swap partition isn't required, unless you wish to use Hibernation. Ubuntu will set up a swap file by default. This makes it flexible to make swap adjustments later without dealing with partitions.

If you need to make adjustments after installation:


That s the greatest tip i have read.
That for compatibility issues with uefi and not uefi installation on hhd - ssd.
I have an issue trying to fix grub problems (i have no acces to bios setup [F2]either booting setup [F11]) with hdd non uefi installation with (usb-iso) grub-resque and got this message

and finally i had to unplug hdds and got acces to bios setup.
The big reason is my English are not so good

:pray::pray::pray: thankyou very much for helping me!!

On another note, when are dialogue boxes going to get fixed so they quit being unreasonably long or wide?

i can't understand what you mean ! Sorry but my English are poor

I apologize, I meant that to be a general query toward everyone, not just to you. Message boxes in Ubuntu MATE continue to be either taller or wider than they should be, since certain boxes appear to include a line break only when the box hits the maximum width of the display or break on every word like the example you showed.

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