Demo for Romanian television Pro TV - Ubuntu MATE 15.04

So today I was invited to the Romanian national television Pro TV to present a “cool Linux distribution” - and of course, I chose Ubuntu MATE because I tested all the releases and I really like this distro. Being an official flavor now and the ability to make it look like Windows with the Redmond layout made it the distribution of choice for me. I’m sorry for not having English subtitles on the recording.

Maybe the Ubuntu MATE Facebook page can share this?


@julianatanasoae I just came here to share your epic video :slight_smile: I’ve already shared with the Ubuntu MATE Twitter and Facebook followers. Once again, many thanks for choosing to demo Ubuntu MATE. Great job!


Thanks a lot! I am proud to be supporting Ubuntu MATE in my local community in this part of Europe.



Good job presenting Ubuntu MATE on PRO TV
A few months ago I started working on the romanian translation
I translated about 3k strings and MATE is now 92% translated into our language
I hope by the time of 16.04 to get it to 100%

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