Desktop wallpaper

Hi. Just a thought. Much as i love the Ubuntu Mate wallpaper selection.....although I'm not fussed with the ones that carry the logo....I think something is missing.
I'd really like my desktop to look like a desk top. How about an image of an antique desk? One with a roll top lid and filled with all sorts of antique items like fountain pens and ink bottles and ledgers?


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If I understand correctly you could locate/create/take picture of desktop you desire and then you can do this. Note: my image just shows insertion of image to replace my normal blank screen.


does this work for you?


Yes.....although I'd prefer a more front on picture so that it felt like you were actually sat at the desk.
I tried one of those AI picture generation sites, asking for an antique desk in the style of Monet.....but all I got was a fairly standard school table with Mone't Water lilies hanging behind it.

You will probably have to take a couple of pictures of a roll top desk yourself to get exactly what you want.
I think what you want has very limited appeal to most people.

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Excuse to visit an antique shop

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