Desktop-zoom without compiz <OR> usable window snapping with it?

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I’ve installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 beta on my laptop.
I’ve been a Linux Mint Cinnamon user for the last few years and I love how much snappier Mate is in general.

But now I have the following problem: I need/want mousewheel-desktop-zoom. To get that I had to enable Compiz.

The problem I have with Compiz is the really crappy window snapping. There seem to be two options here:

The plugin “Snapping Windows” which has both options of “Edge resistance” and “Edge attraction” - the second of which seems to be what I would like a lot of, but when I activate “Edge attraction” the behaviour is very buggy (When trying to get a window away from an edge it jumps around and if you move the mouse to slow you will never escape the edge…)

The other Compiz option is the plugin “Wobbly Windows” which works okey, but even with the fastest settings it allows, slows me down a lot compared to non Compiz window handling.

The kind of windows snapping I want is what you get without enabling compiz and holding down shift, which was also available under Cinnamon titled “old school windows snapping” or something like that.

So what I’m looking for is either:
A) mousewheel-desktop-zoom without compiz
or B) a more non-compiz like windows snapping in compiz.

Can anybody help?