Did I achieve anything with not using a Google account on my Android?

Let’s face it, I need my phone to do my banking and occasional navigation through the streets, email and phone+texts.

Now, I didn’t log in to my Android phone with a Google account. I use FDroid and Yalp for only the banking app and here maps. But the system has google play services baked into it.

Now, did I achieve anything by doing this, considering that this effed up workaround by Google to make it ‘easy for app makers’ to access some vital functions on your phone still seems to gather a whole lot of information?

P.S.: Lineage is currently out of the question as on my phone the rom breaks the mobile connectivity.


Is Lineage breaking the mobile connectivity or is the rooting process?

If you are worried about apps calling home, you may want to check out NetGuard.

And considering the privacy you are searching for in this thread and in Ubuntu Mate a Good OS for Privacy, you may want to take a look at privacytools.io

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