Different upgradable list

i want to ask, why the upgradable list from apt update is different from the GUI counterpart software updater


Hi @unggul_zmalqp,

can you provide screenshots of what you mean as I don’t think they are different?.

apt-get” is run as “root” and I assume you are talking about “Software Updater” when you say “GUI counterpart”?. :smiley:

There seems to be a bit of confusion:

  • apt update refreshes the package lists.
  • update-manager (which is Software Updater) is a GUI front end for upgrading packages on the system to a new version. Equivalent to apt upgrade or apt dist-upgrade.

Using the GUI or command line equivalents do the same thing.

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im sorry i forgot to take screenshoot. Chronology is like this.

  1. i run Software Updater and update the system. then i run it again, it tells me that my computer is up to date.
    2 then i run sudo apt update on terminal, i got message that several updates is available

Try changing your software sources download location and update again and see if things change!:

Hmm, more updates appearing again after refreshing caches could be related to this:


thx man, this answer my question

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