Different wallpapers on different monitors

I have two monitors, one is 32" with ultra wide ratio of 21:9 and the second is standard 24", 1080p 16:9 panel.

If I set wallpaper that looks good on ultra wide monitor it get squished on standard panel. If I set wallpaper that looks good on 16:9 it gets stretched on ultra-wide or scaled which shows only the center portion of the image, not what I would crop.

Is there a way to make wallpaper look good on both screens? I have to ideas in mind.

  1. Is there a way to assign different files for different monitors? I will crop them out myself.
  2. Is there utility (as it was ages ago on Windows XP) that allows selecting which part of the image will be cropped when scaled. For example I want scale image on ultra wide from the top left corner of the image, not the center.

I hope this make sense.


I think I finally found some decent solution. I used tool called HydraPaper. It's application made for Gnome so it doesn't look like Mate native app. I installed it with flatpak which was bigger installation than it should be (some Gnome components had to be installed) however it works. It allows to set different wallpaper for each monitor and select if it will be zoomed,cropped etc.

It's little bit funky if you start to plugin in and out one of the monitors but it's messing up wallpapers just for a moment and the it seems to automatically figure out what wallpaper should be shown. It's not a big deal for me on desktop PC but it may be thing of concern for people on laptops.

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