"disable overscan" option

Bare with me please: first post…

Pi3 here, connected to an old Iiyama Prolite E430 LCD via HDMI to VGA adapter, also.
Same problem. Either directly, or via a NoMachine connection, either with the HDMI to VGA adapter, or via HDMI to a TV monitor, I got an unworkable 1824x984 instead of the resolution of the TV or Iiyama.

I was busy for hours (as a newbie) to find the solution. No settings to change from within the Mate GUI. Then found this topic and problem solved within a minute. Thanks lah7!

Why posting this? To thank for the solution and to suggest, that this “disable overscan” option could perhaps be added to the Mate GUI in Preferences, Hardware, Display ? I see now that many people face the same problem, so a GUI addition could be handy?

(I am moving from W8 to Linux, to avoid W10 (…), and I now understand why none of my friends&family is on Linux… Still too user unfriendly and too much not working out of the box (like wifi…). Unless the GUI improves, most people will remain an Apple and Microsoft client, I’m afraid. And that’s a waste. I like Mate until now (fast and nice looking), but it has cost me the last days to get it to work properly. And I haven’t installed most of the programs yet that I have on W8… I am trying Lubuntu on a second card, and at least the wifi works there out of the box… Had to resize the partition in Lubuntu manually, and used the Mate instructions to do it. The after installation resize script in Mate was easier. Plus 2 points for Mate :wink:

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